Dr Thierry Baudet

Thierry Baudet (b.1983), Ph.D, LLM, is a Dutch academic, journalist, and public intellectual. He is the author of a several books, including, in English, The Significance of Borders: Why Representative Government and the Rule of Law require Nation States (Boston 2012). The book argues that supranational institutions, such as the European Union, the World Trade Organization and the International Criminal Court, as well as the multiculturalism that European elites have pursued in the past decades, are fundamentally irreconcilable with democracy and constitutional government. Challenging the dominant trend in contemporary legal and political thought, The Significance of Borders defends the nation state as the most attractive form of political organization.

Baudet is currently working on two new books: one on the development of the BRIC-countries and the implications of their growth for the global balance of powers; another on the United States from a eurosceptic perspective.

For the past seven years, Baudet has filled teaching positions in law, history and political philosophy at Leiden Law School, the University of Amsterdam and the Academia Vitae in Deventer. A columnist for the national newspaper NRC Handelsblad between 2011 and 2012, he frequently appears in Dutch media, and he is a member of the advisory board of the political tv-show Buitenhof. In 2013, Baudet acccepted a position as a post-doctoral research fellow at Tilburg University and a visiting fellowship at the Royal Dutch Institute in Rome.

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