Professor Kelvin Campbell

Kelvin has been at the forefront of new urban thinking for many years. An architect/urban designer, he co-founded Urban Initiatives, a highly regarded urban design practice in 1989, and, more recently, co-founded the Smart Urbanism Group: one of the largest online communities bringing together sustainable urbanism with social innovation.

The lead author of By Design (CABE) 2000, the national policy document on urban design, and the recent Mayor of London’s Housing Design Guide, he has published, edited and written numerous books and articles on urban design, including Re:Urbanism: A Challenge to the Urban Summit, which pointed the way to his latest book Massive Small: the operating system for smart urbanism (published in April 2011 and available from Amazon). He is also the author of the London Popular Home Initiative: Towards a New Urban Vernacular (awaiting publication)

He is Visiting Professor in Urban Design at the University of Westminster; was on CABE’s Design Review Committee and the Prince’s Foundation Advisory Panel; past Chairman of the Urban Design Group; and a long time assessor for the National Housing Design Awards.

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Sunday 21 October 2012, 3.15pm Fountain Room

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