Alex Deane

Alex Deane is a managing director at FTI Consulting, a New York Stock Exchange-listed consultancy. With many of the USA’s leading brands as clients, he is a regular commentator on US politics and policy issues and regularly consults in the USA.

Alex has more than 10 years’ experience in advocacy and has worked with numerous high-profile individuals and companies in a senior advisory capacity. He was chief of staff to David Cameron and Tim Collins during their respective periods as shadow secretaries of state for education and served as an adviser for the Australian Liberal Party’s re-election campaign under John Howard.

Alex often appears in the media as a political commentator; he is a Sky News regular and a BBC Dateline London panellist. He served as the founding director of Big Brother Watch and is an elected common councilman in the City of London Corporation, serving on the main decision-making body in the Square Mile, the Policy and Resources Committee.

He is a regular columnist in UK publications and an author and editor, most recently of Big Brother Watch: The state of civil liberties in modern Britain. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Cambridge University, is a Rotary Scholar and World Universities Debating Champion, and is a non-practising barrister.

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