Manisha Lalloo

Manisha Lalloo works at the Royal Academy of Engineering, where she encourages engineers to talk more with ‘the public’ no matter whether they are schoolchildren, adults, teenagers, or politicians. At the Academy Manisha manages the Ingenious grant scheme for creative engagement with engineering as well as organising the Academy’s own engagement events. Outside of work she also organises science events for Science London and writes for Chemistry World and Biomedical Picture of the Day.

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Thursday 22 November 2012, 6.00pm Royal Academy of Engineering, 3 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5DG

Instrumental music: should music be a tool of social policy?

"A truly original battle with a great deal at stake as opposed to a reassuring renactment of old arguments. I felt refreshed rather than entrenched afterwards."
Damian Barr, columnist, writer, playwright, salonierre

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