Used by thousands of schools and colleges, with over 995,000 registered users and over 1.85 million monthly visitors (March 2010), TES Connect is the central focus for the UK teaching community to share their ideas, thoughts and views outside the staffroom. TES Connect is a social network that allows teachers to network, share resources and search for jobs. It is the world’s largest social network for a single profession and allows teachers to connect with other professionals to find and share their best classroom resources and advice. Split into four user-friendly sections including jobs, community and resources, the site gives teachers access to tools that have the potential to transform lesson planning and the quality of lessons taught.

Moral panics or just panic?

"The Battle of Ideas is an entertaining and provocative think-jam. At the 2012 event, we didn’t quite solve the world’s problems, but we certainly got part of the way there"
Christine Murray, editor, Architects' Journal

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