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Why inequality is such an obsession
Critics of inequality often seem more concerned with social cohesion than poverty.
Daniel Ben-Ami, FundStrategy, 15 July 2015

Startups have figured out how to remove carbon from the air. Will anyone pay them to do it?
Three startups, Carbon Engineering, Global Thermostat and Climeworks, are making strides with technology that can directly remove carbon dioxide from the air. What they need now is a viable business model
Marc Gunther, Guardian, 14 July 2015

Time to get fracking
Shale-gas exploration inches forward
The Economist, 20 June 2015

Gap-year do-gooding won't save the world
An edited extract from Volunteer Tourism: The Lifestyle Politics of International Development
Jim Butcher and Pete Smith, spiked, 19 June 2015

Authoritarians in search of meaning.
The UK’s devolved parliaments have become shockingly illiberal.
Neil Davenport, spiked, June 2015

A New Golden Age for UK Technology Start Ups?
How can the tech sector marry today's feeling of optimism - and the private sector cash that is aligned with that growth - with the creation of both a societal and industry infrastructure that will enable technology-orientated people and businesses to flourish and grow?
Chris Ciauri, Huffington Post, 8 June 2015

Reclaim Brixton: gentrifiers against gentrification
James Heartfield, spiked, April 2015

Megacities are bad for the developing world
Debating Matters' acclaimed Topic Guides place debates in a social context
Craig Fairnington & Joel Cohen, Debating Matters, 11 April 2015

Do the UK’s European ties damage its prosperity?
Eurosceptics claim that EU membership has become a major drag on British prosperity, but despite the constraints of membership, the UK’s markets for goods, services and labour are already among the freest in the developed world.
Philip Whyte, Centre for European Reform, April 2015

Where do the costs and benefits of Brexit come from?
The headline figures of Open Europe’s Brexit report have attracted a lot of attention. But what lies behind them?
Raoul Ruparel, Open Europe, 26 March 2015

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