Institutions on life support

Saturday 19 October, 12.15pm until 1.15pm, Cinema 2 Institutions in crisis?

From the failures identified by the Francis Report into Mid-Staffs NHS Foundation to the fall-out from the Savile scandal at the BBC, Britain’s institutions seem to be in the grip of perpetual crisis. From Leveson to the Hillsborough and LIBOR inquiries, high-profile stand-offs between Conservative ministers and the civil service and police seems to indicate considerable internal disarray. Little wonder, perhaps, that the whistle-blower is hailed as the last true public servant. Why have Britain’s institutions, once famed for their strength and resilience, now become so vulnerable to criticism? Can anything be done to restore or rebuild trust, or do we require entirely new institutions fit for the challenges of the 21st century? Do the now familiar calls, in the wake of a new controversy, for a public inquiry and tougher independent regulation offer reassurance, or only foster further suspicion of wrong-doing? Can constantly affirming a commitment to transparency lead to damaging public rows rather than effective change?

Jessica Crowe
executive director, Centre for Public Scrutiny

Jon Holbrook
barrister; writer on legal issues; regular contributor to spiked

Ben Lucas
principal partner, RSA2020; chair of public services, RSA

Alastair McLellan
editor, Health Service Journal

Robin Walsh
graduate medical student; co-founder, Sheffield Salon

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Robin Walsh graduate medical student; co-founder, Sheffield Salon
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