Ann Marie Shillito

Ann Marie Shillito is founder and CEO of Anarkik3D, a practicing designer maker and contemporary jeweller, an honorary research fellow (Edinburgh College of Art) and author of a book (Digital Crafts: Industrial Technologies for Applied Artists and Designer Makers).

Ann Marie is passionate about the power of making, particularly about the values and meaning that applied artists and designer makers bring to their work and their use of tools, whether traditional or new. With greater, easier access to the phenomenon of 3D printing Ann Marie is intent on providing the means for broad participation by more designer makers as they have the appropriate attitude and expertise for pushing boundaries, exploring, experimenting and exploiting whatever to create new work.

Staying close to her original research objectives and focusing on the 3D digital requirements of this overlooked group, her company’s 3D haptic software is developed by designers makers for designer makers to tap into their tacit knowledge, skills and expertise, gained from hands-on experience working directly with material and processes. This is a challenging route for a young business to take as one barrier to take-up is designer makers fear about losing control of their work by opting for digital technologies. Yet the potential of 3D printing for makers is staggering. To join this revolution they do need the tools and support that suits their way of working. It is in this context that Ann Marie leads her company’s development.

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Saturday 19 October 2013, 12.15pm Frobisher Auditorium 1

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