Festival 2014: media coverage

The Battle of Ideas 2014 has been widely covered in the press, and speakers and organisers have featured on TV and radio.

15 September 2014I supported Irish freedom. Now I support the union, Justine Brian, Politics.co.uk

17 September 2014David Bowden discussed Battle of Ideas on London Live

22 September 2014Judgement At Last, Tiffany Jenkins, Four Thought, BBC Radio 4

26 September 2014Stop kids from taking over our museums & galleries, Tiffany Jenkins, IdeasMag

Are cities good for us? Alastair Donald, Barbican blog

28 September 2014Claire Fox discussed Barbican’s Exhibit B and the meaning of marriage on BBC1’s Sunday Morning Live(from 19 mins)

29 September 2014How bureaucrats strangled the night-time economy, Alan Miller, Politics.co.uk

1 October 2014Debate: are cities good for us? Louise Bjørnskov Schmidt, Future Cities Project

2 October 2014David Bowden discussed trolls & social media on Sky News

3 October 2014Human rights are just a proxy war for the political class, Jon Holbrook, Politics.co.uk

4 October 2014We must never forget that pupils are not data and teachers are not data managers, Kevin Rooney, TES

7 October 2014Claire Fox was interviewed for May 2015, the New Statesman’s specialist election website

Community Treatment Orders: politics and psychiatry in a culture of fear, Ken McLaughlin Politics.co.uk

8 October 2014Ebola: should we fear a global catastrophe?, Rob Lyons, City AM

10 October 2014Gamification is taking over our lives, and it all came from video games, Martyn Perks, Independent

11 October 2014Let young take risks, paranoid parents told, The Times

12 October 2014Timandra Harkness was a guest on Weekend, BBC World Service

David Bowden previewed the Battle of Ideas on Inspirit, BBC London

13 October 2014Greedy data grabs, crap security will KILL the Internet of Thingies, Andrew Orlowski, The Register

The lesson from China? Lessen teachers’ workload, William Stewart, TES

13 October 2014Claire Fox discussed the Battle of Ideas on The Robert Elms Show, BBC London, 14 Oct

14 October 2014The SU is lying when they say they represent you – they just want to tell you what to do, Ellamay Russell, The Tab

Brains at the ready for the Battle of Ideas, Londonist

15 October 2014David Bowden discussed Lord Darzi’s health proposals on The Breakfast Show, BBC London

Claire Fox discussed Lord Darzi’s health proposals on BBC News Channel

Public health – not all evidence is created equal, Timandra Harkness, Stats Life

16 October 2014Education and satisfaction are antithetical, Joanna Williams, THE

The war on London’s nightlife is damaging businesses – and ruining our fun, Alan Miller, City AM

Why did Lord Darzi pull out of an anti-smoking debate?, David Bowden, Politics.co.uk

Timandra Harkness on robots, brains and making science funny, Timandra Harkness, IdeasMag

Let the good times roll, Claire Fox, MJ

David Bowden discussed free speech & offence on The World Tonight, BBC Radio 4

17 October 2014Alan Miller discussed ‘Policing the night-time economy’ on London Live

Jan Macvarish discussed parental authority and disciplining children on BBC Radio Kent

Things to do in London this weekend, Daily Telegraph

Classical music jams, debates and Latin lessons at the Battle of Ideas, Time Out

Redrawing borders is dangerous. But so is leaving them alone, Mary Dejevsky, Independent

18 October 2014Frank Furedi discussed the Battle of Ideas and state of democracy on Going Underground, Russia Today

Luke Gittos discussed Chris Grayling’s proposals to increase sentences for internet trolls on Sky News

David Eberhard discussed parental authority & discipline on BBC Five Live

20 October 2014The ‘fun-nification’ of computer education – good idea?, Andrew Orlowski, The Register

Hope flickers at the #battleofideas, Dick Puddlecote

Trust me, I’m a critic! A Battle of Ideas debate, Mark Pullinger, Bachtrack

Battle of Ideas, Nic Ho Chee, Loose Lips

21 October 2014What are critics for?, Ivan Hewett, Daily Telegraph 

Children and museums: is gin the way to cope?, Maurice Davies, Museums Consultancy

21 October 2014For a nation of talkers there is a real poverty of public debate in Ireland, John Waters, Irish Independent

22 October 2014Victims’ rights: a pendulum swing too far?, Mary-Rachel McCabe, The Justice Gap

Battle of Ideas 2014, Plamenarium

23 October 2014Are students’ unions backing off the hard questions?, Michael Reisz, THE

23 October 2014Meet Mr Gamification: he’s got a NUDGE or two for you, Andrew Orlowski, The Register

24 October 2014Foodbanks show how left and right fail the poor, Dave Clements, Politics.co.uk

Is the trend for smart technology in the home a fridge too far?, Izabella Kaminska, Financial Times

28 October 2014Should we wrap victims in cotton wool?, Barbara Hewson, The Justice Gap

Growth is good: mission or mania?

"Some of the freest speech I have enjoyed in years."
Baroness Ruth Deech QC, crossbench peer; chairman, Bar Standards Board

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