Free Speech Read-a-thon

Sunday 19 October, 11.00 until 15.00, Art Space C Festival Attractions 2014

The charity WORLDwrite and its citizen TV station WORLDbytes, in partnership with spiked’s Free Speech Now! campaign, are hosting a marathon read to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Battle of Ideas and its commitment to the ideal of ‘Free speech allowed!’. Speakers, volunteers and guests will read aloud, continuously, for four hours. From banned books to controversial texts to rallying cries for freedom of thought and speech, all sorts of content will be aired in this no-holds-barred sponsored Read-a-thon. The case will be put for the right of people to think for themselves and to say what they think, without interference from officials, jobsworths or the moral majority.

Drop by to listen in to the main programme in the foyer or catch a Free Speech reader as you move around the Barbican.

Read the full Read-a-thon programme with speakers and the texts they’ll be reading.

Produced by
Niall Crowley freelance designer and writer
Marisa Pereira volunteer production coordinator, WORLDwrite

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