Kathryn Ecclestone

Kathryn is professor of education at the University of Sheffield.  Her teaching career started in the late 1970s on employment schemes for 16- to 19-year-olds, followed by Access to Higher Education and vocational courses in further education. Her research explores the ways in which preoccupation with ‘emotional well-being’, ‘resilience’ and ‘vulnerability’ encourages the spread of ideas and practices from therapy, counselling and psychology throughout the education system, changing teacher/student relationships, the curriculum and support systems.

Her books include The Dangerous Rise of Theapeutic Education (co-authored with Dennis Hayes) and Emotional Well-Being in Policy and Practice.  She is working on a forthcoming book, Governing Vulnerable Subjects in a Therapeutic Age, and a research project on the rise of ‘vulnerable’ students and its effects on university life.

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Sunday 19 October 2014, 14.00 Cinema 2


Emotional Wellbeing in Policy and Practice (Routledge 2015)
Transitions and Learning Through the Lifecourse [with Gert Biesta and Martin Hughes, eds.] (Routledge 2009)
The Dangerous Rise of Therapeutic Educationwith Dennis Hayes (London, Routledge 2008)

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Julian Baggini, author, Welcome to Everytown: A Journey into the English Mind, and The Ego Trick

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