Dr Christine Louis-Dit-Sully

Christine grew up in the infamous ‘banlieue’ 93 in France but she has since lived also in the UK, USA and Germany. She has worked for nearly 20 years in academic biological research (genetics, cell signalling and immunology) in renowned universities and institutes such as the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge (where she obtained her PhD), the Sanford-Burnham for Medical Research Institute, the Scripps Research Institute, the Max Planck Institute of Immunology and Epigenetics in Freiburg and the University of Freiburg. 

She has recently decided to leave laboratory bench work behind to focus on her second interest: engaging in debates about science and society. Her interests include the effects of the current political and social developments on science, the current promotion of a ‘scientific worldview’ by some in the scientific establishment, the abuse of science in political and social discussions, the current discussions on the public understanding of science and science communication.

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Saturday 18 October 2014, 10.00 Hammerson Room

Immigration: who should control our borders?

"Five debates a day sounds a bit daunting beforehand, but I really loved it. The speakers are so knowledgeable and passionate about their chosen topic, and the amount of time dedicated to questions from the audience was great as it really brought in alternative views."
Exeter University student

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