Steven Woolfe

Steven Woolfe MEP is the Frontbench Spokesman on Migration and Financial Affairs for the United Kingdom Independence Party and Co-ordinator for the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) Group on the European Union’s ECON Committee.

Steven’s experience of how international legal and regulatory regimes impact the UK financial sector gained through his 18 years’ as a qualified barrister serving UK banks, fund managers and law firms contributed to his appointment to this important institution of the European Parliament. The ECON committee will play a critical role in shaping the EU regulations that will be forced upon the UK financial services sector for as long as the UK remains a member of the EU. Steven is currently in the process of reaching out to the UK financial services industry nationwide and global monetary institutions in The City of London to communicate how the deliberations and findings of the ECON committee may adversely affect their UK operations.

On his appointment as UKIP Frontbench spokesman on Migration in July, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: “I can think of nobody better than Steven to develop and communicate policy in the absolutely crucial area of migration, which opinion surveys show is now the number one issue for voters. He is already brimming with ideas as to how UKIP can deliver the firm but fair immigration system that the British public craves but which is not on offer from any of the other parties.” In this new role Steven is developing an outward looking, global welcoming, ethical migration policy for inclusion in UKIP’s manifesto at next year’s UK general election.


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