Nevile M Gwynne

Formerly a successful businessman, Nevile has for many years been teaching just about every sort of subject - English, Latin, Greek, French, German, mathematics, history, classical philosophy, natural medicine, the elements of music, and ‘how to start up and run your own business’ - to just about every sort of pupil, ranging in age from three years old to more than 70 and of many different nationalities and in several different countries, in just about every sort of circumstance: in lecture halls, large classrooms, small classrooms, and homes and, since 2007, ‘face-to-face’ over the internet.

His teaching methods are very much in accordance with the traditional, common-sense ones, refined over the centuries, that were used almost everywhere until they were abolished worldwide in the 1960s and subsequently. His teaching has been considered sufficiently remarkable - both in its unusualness in today’s world and in its genuinely speedy effectiveness - to have featured in newspaper and magazine articles and on several television and radio programmes.

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