Isabelle Jenkins

Isabelle is a partner at PwC and leads the Capital Markets Consulting business. Her specialism is Technology. Isabelle studied and trained as an electrical engineer and then moved into Banking Technology. She has been heavily involved in supporting banks and government functions throughout the financial crisis. She was a key partner in the administration of Lehman and led the Technology workstream. She was responsible for ensuring that the investment banking IT architecture could support the wind down of the trading portfolio. When Lehman went into administration over 100 legal entities shared a complex shared IT infrastructure.  Isabelle and her team had 2 years to build a new stand alone banking IT infrastructure.

Isabelle led PwC’s Consulting graduate programme and was a major contributor to the development of the programme. Isabelle has also been heavily involved in PwC’s Corporate Social Responsibility activities providing pro bono consulting services to social enterprises. 

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Exeter University student

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