Lucy O’Brien

Lucy O’Brien did a BA in Philosophy and Pure Mathematics in Sheffield, and went on to do an MPhil in Sheffield and a DPhil in Oxford. She has been at UCL since 1992, and was made Professor in 2013. Prior to coming to UCL she held a post-doctoral position at the Centre for Philosophical Studies, KCL. She was the Honorary Director of the Aristotelian Society from 2006-2014, and is the incoming co-editor (with Professor Adrian Moore) of the journal MIND.

Lucy works in the philosophy of mind and action, focussing in particular on self-consciousness and self-knowledge. She is the author of Self-Knowing Agents (OUP 2007) and co-editor, with Matthew Soteriou, of Mental Actions (OUP 2009). She currently working on interpersonal, rather than personal, self-consciousness and the nature of the self-conscious emotions.

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