Michael Segalov

Michael graduated from the University of Sussex in 2014 with an LLB in Law with International Relations, and is currently the elected full-time Communications Officer at the University of Sussex Students’ Union. Over the past few years Michael has also been a regular contributor the Independent, the Guardian, and other publications, often covering issues to do with higher education policy, student life, and protest.

Alongside this, Michael regularly works with criminal defence lawyers on issues of protest and public order, notably in the recent trial of Caroline Lucas MP and others for their involvement in anti-fracking protests.

Michael is currently working on a piece of research on the changing nature of the university from a quasi-public to private institution, and the effects of this in the future of academia, as well as its legal ramifications on student activism. He is also currently writing a paper for an ESRC funded series of events on ‘Private Law, Exclusion, Resistance’, and looking into the future of the Student Union.

Michael is also an active member of the Defend the Right to Protest campaign, and regularly speaks on issues relating to dissent, activism, civil disobedience and higher education around the UK. At the moment, Michael is working with Arts Emergency, a London based charity, on a communications training and mentoring programme for young people.

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