Yann Bonduelle

Yann is the UK Consulting leader of the Data & Analytics team at PwC.  He is also the lead PwC client partner for the BBC and the lead Consulting partner for Reed Elsevier, tasked with coordinating PwC’s work and discussions with these two organisations. 

Yann has spent the majority of his career helping clients make strategic and operational decisions supported by the right quantitative analysis.  25 years ago, that meant building an appropriate model, making a few “right” assumptions, relying on some relatively large (then), bespoke data sets. Now that means building a model – sometimes quite sophisticated, making a few assumptions still, exploiting vastly more data and ensuring that the results are shown in intuitive graphic dashboards. 

Yann has worked in the UK for the last 18 years and 8 years in the US, mostly with large organisations in both private and public sectors. He worked on Innovation and New Product Development, Strategic Planning, R&D and Operations problems.  Over the last few years he has focused on Decisions and Change. 

Yann holds a PhD and MSc from Stanford University in Engineering-Economic Systems (Decision Analysis) and an Electrical Engineering degree from the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Rennes, France. 

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