Lianghuo Fan

Professor Lianghuo Fan holds a Personal Chair in Education at the University of Southampton. He completed his undergraduate study in mathematics at Ningbo Normal College (now Ningbo University), China, his MSc as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in mathematics education and mathematical history at East China Normal University, Shanghai, and his doctorate in education at the University of Chicago, USA. He also holds a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from SIM University, Singapore.

Professor Fan has extensive experience in education and research in China, USA, Singapore and now UK. Since 1981, he has been a mathematics teacher, a maths and science department head in high schools, and later a lecturer in a teacher’s college in China for about ten years. Since 1998, Professor Fan taught at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, during which he also served as the founding principal investigator of a major research project, the Singapore Mathematics Assessment and Pedagogy Project with a grant of over 1 million Singapore dollars, before he joined Southampton Education School in 2010.

Professor Fan was Chief Editor of The Mathematics Educator (2006-2010), a research journal by the Association of Mathematics Educators, Singapore, and is currently on the editorial or advisory boards of five research journals published in China, UK, Singapore and Turkey. He has been also Editor-in-Chief of two latest series of mathematics textbooks in Singapore and China, respectively. Professor Fan recently organized, as Chair of the International Programme Committee, the inaugural International Conference on Mathematics Textbook Research and Development held at Southampton in July 2014, which attracted many world top researchers and national policy makers from over 30 countries. Professor Fan has also served as consultant/advisor to governmental and private organizations in mathematics education in different countries/regions including Hong Kong, Singapore, Qatar, USA, Wales, Ireland, and most frequently, Mainland China.

Among Professor Fan’s numerous publications are Investigating the Pedagogy of Mathematics: How Do Teachers Develop Their Knowledge (author; Imperial College Press, 2014), How Chinese Teach Mathematics: Perspectives from Insiders (co-editor; World Scientific, in press), How Chinese Learn Mathematics: Perspectives from Insiders (co-editor; World Scientific, 2004), and Performance Assessment in Mathematics: Concepts, Methods, and Examples from Research and Practice in Singapore Classrooms (editor; Pearson, 2011).

Professor Fan was recently named Distinguished Overseas Professor, a distinguished visiting professorship by East China Normal University.

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