Jacob Mchangama

Jacob Mchangama is a social entrepreneur, author and founder and CEO of Copenhagen based think tank Justitia and the research initiative Freedom Rights Project, focusing on human rights and the rule of law. He has a background as a corporate lawyer in an international law firm and has also taught human rights law at the University of Copenhagen.

He has published articles and commented on freedom of expression and human rights in Foreign Affairs, the Economist, the Wall Street Journal Europe, The Times, and leading newspapers across the world. He is the writer and presenter of the 2013 short documentary Collision! Free Speech and Religion” He defends a strong liberal position in favour of freedom of speech even against well intentioned moves to suppress hate speech.

In 2013 Mchangama was awarded the Danish liberal party’s Freedom Prize.

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Baroness Ruth Deech QC, crossbench peer; chairman, Bar Standards Board

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