Amy Jackson

Amy has been involved in the farming industry for most of her adult life, spending her school holidays lambing and milking then going on to study at the Scottish Agriculture College. She spent 15 months in Ontario gaining further specialist experience of dairy cattle before returning to the UK to undertake post-graduate study in farm management at Aberdeen. Following this, she got involved in cattle-breeding and auction businesses before making the move into public relations 15 years ago, working with mainstream clients such as Cadbury, Gillette, Lafarge and Toyota.

She set up her own PR business in 2008 and has since been working with a heady mix of clients in construction, environment, farming, food chain and industry. However, farming remains her first love and more recently, her goal has been to separate fact from fiction in the current debates about intensive agriculture, working to communicate the facts behind the Nocton Dairies project – a proposal for an 8,000-cow dairy farm in Lincolnshire – as well as studying the planning, politics and PR issues around ‘megadairies’ through a Nuffield Farming Scholarship. On the back of this she has spoken at a number of scientific conferences and farmer meetings across the UK over the past two years, as well as an appearance on Countryfile discussing different dairy farming systems. Amy lives in a village in west Oxfordshire, in a rambly cottage with her two dogs, all of which need constant attention.

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