Dr Alice Evans

Dr. Alice Evans is a Fellow in Human Geography at the London School of Economics and Political Science. She is interested in the causes of egalitarian social change.

Presently, Alice is researching why there has been greater progress towards gender equality in urban but not rural areas of the Zambian Copperbelt. Here, urban people are typically more supportive of girls’ education, women’s employment and their political participation. They are also more likely to condemn gender-based violence.

Alice’s theory is that – due to higher population densities – urban residents are more likely to be exposed to flexibility in gender divisions of labour. Seeing a critical mass of women demonstrating their equal competence in socially valued, masculine roles then leads people to question gender stereotypes, relating to competence and status. Meanwhile, those in less densely populated rural areas of Zambia typically lack exposure to disconfirming evidence of widely-shared gender stereotypes.

Her findings have been published by the Journal of Southern African Studies; Gender, Place and Culture; Development; Environment and Urbanisation; as well as Gender and Development.

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