James Stevens

James Stevens is the Home Builders Federation’s strategic planner. The bread and butter of his job is engaging with the local plans of the authorities of London, the south-east and the east of England regions, and challenging local authorities over their housing numbers and other policies pertaining to house building. Prior to this, James was covering the whole of England considering regional strategies as well as local plans, and before this he was the HBF’s London regional planner.

James has extensive experience of the Regional Strategy and Local Plan making process and has made representations on numerous plans as well as appearing at over 40 examinations in public all over the country. 

James speaks at various conferences (including those hosted by organisations such as the NHF and the LGA) on planning matters.

James is also the co-founder of the 250 New Towns Club, a gallant but ultimately doomed project, that sought to free-up planning, to allow people to build their own settlements with a view to deflating the housing bubble.

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