Rosalind Searle

Prof Rosalind Searle is a chartered Occupational Psychologists and an internationally acknowledged expert on trust in organizations. With a background in the motor industry, studying innovation and teams processes during MBA and PhD research, Rosalind has gone on to research and consult for a number of organizations both public and private.

Organisational Trust is her overarching topic, she advices on the trust building potential of the interactions between people and processes. The centre she leads is a hub for research and best practices on five key themes:

(i) trust matters, dealing with trust building and trust repair in organisations. Last year we paid particular attention on trust repair in financial services sector, and this year via Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development support we consider the impact on trust for employees in the austerity effected public sector. We have a number of studies on the relationship between trust and control and regulations;
(ii) trust in technology, examining the role of stakeholder trust in the development and acceptance of emergent technologies, with an emphasis on smart cities,
(iii) trust and vulnerable groups, with particular attention on trust and the global issues of youth employment, and on representation at the top of organisations concerning diversity.
(iv)’hot trust’, which considers trust in critical, high stakes contexts such as oil and gas and the emergency services, particularly issues of leadership and systems design; and finally
(v) trust and integrity, looking at deceptive and unethical behaviour and management practices in organisations from sports to industry.

Rosalind is co-editing the forthcoming Routledge Companion to Trust. To see her latest work follow her @profsearle or through Linkedin

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