Battles on Video

Battles on Video presents videos from previous Battle of Ideas festivals, interviews and opinion pieces by speakers and participants, as well as specially produced in-depth discussions.

Latest Videos

2006: Litigation and Litigation Avoidance

2006: 'The Panic About Obesity'

2006: 'The Battle for Affluence'

: Goodbye Mr Chips: can research tell teachers how to teach?

: What is a good life: can science and medicine tell us?

: Clinical Trials in developing countries are exploitative


"The rules of the game at The Battle of Ideas makes beating about the bush impossible. When you are given 5 minutes to make your point, you either say something essential, or you reveal that you have nothing really to say. This eliminates 'the unbearable lightness' of speculation that haunts public debate."
Albena Azmanova, social philosopher, political commentator and activist

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