Fill It With Accordionists

Saturday 17 October, 10.00 until 18.00, Level G Festival Attractions

Fill It With Accordionists is a confederacy of accordion players that comes together to play for festivals and events. Acting as aural waymarkers, the accordionists help people find their way between different parts of the event, keeping them company as they move through left-over, in-between and confusing spaces. It is a mixed-ability group of mostly amateur musicians and many of its players are members of the London Accordion Orchestra. As part of the Shuffle film festival in London’s Mile End, the group recently Filled Tower Hamlets Cemetery With Accordionists. The performance is curated by Maisie Rowe; as well as playing the accordion, she is a landscape architect and writer specialising in the design of playgrounds and the culture of children’s play.

The accordionists are:

Silvia Cavalieri
Ezra Davies
Nia Davies
Susi Evans
David Hoffman
Katy Jungmann
Sarah Lewendon
Anja McCloskey
Aine McLoughlin
Josh Middleton
Jonny Mott
Maisie Rowe
Tony Rumsford
Matt Scott
Ben Smith

Produced by
Maisie Rowe landscape architect, writer and illustrator

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