Dr Agiatis Benardou

Agiatis holds a PhD in Ancient History and Classical Archaeology and is a Senior Researcher at the Digital Curation Unit, ATHENA R.C. in Athens.

Agiatis has carried out extensive research on scholarly practices and user requirements in the context of various EU initiatives, such as Preparing DARIAH, EHRI and NeDiMAH. She co-chairs the Special Interest Group on Archaeological Practices and Methods for ARIADNE, the Advanced Research Infrastructure for Archaeological Dataset Networking in Europe.

She is co-chairing the Community Building Working Group of DARIAH-EU and leading the User Requirements work for the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership for the Digital Humanities Reference Curriculum.
Moreover, she is currently leading the team responsible for assessing researchers’ needs and ensuring community engagement for Europeana Research, aiming to create stronger connections between humanities research and the digitised content of Europe’s galleries, museums, libraries and archives.

Agiatis is the person behind Don’t Ever Read Me, a blog on books and reading and travel, which has run for almost five years and remains one of the most popular Greek blogs on these subjects.

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