Benita Matofska

Global award-winning social entrepreneur and public speaker, chief sharer, Benita Matofska is a worldwide expert on the Sharing Economy and the founder of Compare and Share the world’s first comparison marketplace of the Sharing Economy. She’s also the founder of The People Who Share, a global campaign to build a Sharing Economy and the pioneers behind Global Sharing Day, now Global Sharing Week.

Matofska is the winner of the Natwest Venus Entrepreneur of the Year 2015, Ogunte Women’s Social Leadership Awards for Best Social Business Leader UK & World 2013, Winner of the Natwest Venus Business Award, Inspirational Woman 2013, Finalist in the G8 Innovation Summit DNA Profit with Purpose Prize, and selected for Google’s Blackbox Connect programme of born global ventures. She is also the pioneer of Sharetrade, the trust kitemark of the Sharing Economy, which aims to bring standardization, safety and security to propel growth of the Sharing Economy.

A former BBC TV executive and media entrepreneur, she has presented at TEDx LeWeb, Guardian Media Summit, Sustainable Brands and the House of Lords. She has shared a platform with Desmond Tutu, presented at Number 10 Downing Street and features regularly in the media worldwide.

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