Kathryn Yusoff

Kathryn’s work is centred on dynamic earth events such as abrupt climate change, biodiversity loss and extinction. She is interested in how these “earth revolutions” impact social thought. Broadly, her work has focused on political aesthetics, social theory and abrupt environmental change. Her current research and book addresses questions of ‘Geologic Life’ within the proposed geologic epoch of the Anthropocene.
Kathryn’s work draws on insights from contemporary feminist philosophy, critical human geography and the earth sciences. She is particularly interested in the opportunities the Anthropocene presents for rethinking the interactions between the earth sciences and human geography in the geosocial formations of Anthropogenic change.


Clark, N., & Yusoff, K. (2014). Combustion and Society: A Fire-Centred History of Energy Use. Theory, Culture and Society, 31(5), 203-226.
Yusoff, K. (2014). Geologic subjects: nonhuman origins, geomorphic aesthetics and the art of becoming inhuman. cultural geographies.
Yusoff, K. (2015). Anthropogenesis: Origins and Endings in the Anthropocene. Theory, Culture and Society: explorations in critical social science.

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