Lesley Curwen

Lesley Curwen is an award-winning journalist who presents business, economics and personal finance on BBC Radio and TV, including Money Box on Radio 4.  Between 2010 and 2013, she presented business news on Today. She is a public speaker, and a moderator of debates and conference panels. 

Lesley has a long track record in investigative journalism, working for File on 4, The Report and independent production houses. Recent topics include the Forex rate-rigging scandal, how developers wriggle out of affordable housing commitments, the true cost of public pensions and the safety record of Virgin Galactic.

For seven years she hosted the flagship Business Daily programme on BBC World Service, providing day-by-day coverage of the global economic crisis. She has presented many other live programmes such as Business Edition on BBC World TV and daily business news on the News Channel.

She has worked in many countries, including spells as a BBC correspondent in Washington DC.

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