Eva Pascoe

Eva Pascoe has over 20 years retail experience with both large, multichannel brands as well as smaller independents.  She is a campaigner for regeneration of the local High Streets.

Born in Poland,  Eva came to UK in 1986 earning a BSc in Human-Computer Interaction at Birkbeck College, London,
She was co-founder of world’s first Internet Café “Cyberia” (1994), and winner of Sunday Times Technology Award. Eva was invited to participate in “Pioneers of Internet Technology”  exhibition at National Portrait Gallery, London.

As former e-commerce director of Topshop and managing director of Zoom.co.uk, Eva has pioneered the UK’s first e-commerce fashion websites for Topshop, Topman, Warehouse and many others High Street brands.
Co-founder of Cybersalon.org, a Digital Futures Think-Tank, in alliance with Middlesex University, Eva is leading the Digital Bill of Rights UK campaign to improve personal data protection online in UK. Contributor to the Independent, Newsnight, Question Time, Women’s Hour, Ideas4London, Digital Shoreditch Festival, Huffington Post and the Guardian. In 2013 Eva
co-authored the “Alternative High Street Report” for the UK Minister for High Streets, campaigning for the reform of the currently unbalanced UK retail Business Rates for independent shops. The campaign resulted in George Osborne making a commitment to the tax reform in 2016 and offering a 500mln rebate to independent shops in UK. Eva is also a co-founder of Hampstead and Belsize Park Town Team and she has a passion for independent multi-channel retail as the glue that binds local communities, both in their physical and virtual interactions.

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