Professor Ian Wright

Professor Wright is director, of the Science and Technology Directorate, comprising >170 research staff of the UK National Oceanography Centre (NOC). He personally leads research working on sub-seafloor and seafloor geological and structural control of fluid flow, with specific application in seafloor hydrothermalism, Arctic methane hydrate release, and potential sub-seabed carbon capture and storage leakage. Professor Wright is working in a number of important NERC and EU science projects including development of Arctic seafloor observatories, research to understand potential marine ecosystems impacts of CO2 leakage, and to develop monitoring strategies and technology for the nascent carbon capture and storage industry. He has been a member of NERC’s Science and Innovation Strategy Board and is currently a member of RCUK’s Energy Scientific Advisory Committee. He has been the NOC PI for the EU and UK funded CCS research, and is the PI for an ETI funded project to develop proto-type monitoring CCS detection systems using AUV technology and seafloor landers in collaboration with academic and industry partners. Professor Wright has extensive experience in working with stakeholders to transfer research into applicable policy, management, and operational advances.

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