Amali de Alwis

Amali de Alwis is CEO of Code First: Girls, a social enterprise who work with companies and women to increase the proportions of women in tech and entrepreneurship. They do this by running free coding courses for young women and paid courses at companies for men and women, by advising companies on tech talent processes and policy, and by running a community of 4000 women who are interested in tech. Over the past 3 years they’ve provided £1.5 million worth of free tech education, and taught 2500+ women how to code. They are the largest provider of free in person coding courses for women in the UK.

Amali previously worked as a consultant at PwC, which included a secondment to the World Economic Forum. Prior to this she was a senior research and strategy consultant at TNS Global.

Outside of her day job, she is a commissioner on the Doncaster Skills and Education Commission, a small business mentor through Start-up direct and Commonwealth First, a Tech London Advocate, and a fellow at the RSA.

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