Thomas Kielinger

Thomas Kielinger has been UK correspondent for the German national daily DIE WELT since 1998, having previously reported for his paper from Washington, D. C., between 1977 and 1985. On his return a became editor-in-chief of the national weekly Rheinischer Merkur. Earlier in his career he taught German at the University of Wales in Cardiff.

Several books testify to Kielinger’s abiding interest in Anglo-German history: “Crossroads and Roundabouts. Junctions in German-British Relations” (1997, also available in German: “Die Kreuzung und der Kreisverkehr”); “Großbritannien”, a country portrait as part of a series called “Die Deutschen und ihre Nachbarn” / The Germans and Their Neighbours (2009), edited by Richard v. Weizsäcker and Helmut Schmidt, as well as a biography of Her Majesty, “Elizabeth II. - Das Leben der Queen” (2011, dtv paperback 2014).

His latest book, a biography of Winston Churchill, appeared in September 2014. Having reached several impressions, with translations in Polish and Danish, it is also now available as an unabridged audio book.

For his contributions in the field of Anglo-German relations Kielinger was made an Honorary Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) and was also awarded the German Order of Merit. He is a frequent contributor to various programs of the BBC, both Radio and TV.

Mr. Kielinger was born in Danzig, modern-day Gdańsk, in 1940. He is married with four children.

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