Amy Brown

Dr Amy Brown is an Associate Professor in Public Health at Swansea University where she leads the MSc Child Public Health. With a background in psychology her PhD explored the importance of baby-led breastfeeding and the challenges that prevent this.

Dr Brown’s research explores the psychosocial factors that affect decisions around infant nutrition during the first year. Her interest lies in those mothers who want to breastfeed but feel unable to do so and through her research she aims to increase understanding and acceptance of what normal breastfeeding is really like.

Dr Brown seeks to challenge the social and cultural pressures that dictate the ‘right’ way to feed a baby and the competing demands and criticisms women face however they choose to feed their baby.

Specifically, if women are urged to breastfeed, then societal structure needs to support this by accepting breastfeeding as a normal behaviour, rather than criticising, emoting or sensationalising the choice.

Dr Brown’s long-term aim is to understand how women can be supported by professionals, society and policy to meet and value their personal breastfeeding goals, without criticism, whatever that length of breastfeeding may be.

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