Angela McFarlane

Following a doctorate in biological sciences, Angela began her career as a science teacher. She designed and directed highly successful educational development and research projects at Cambridge, Bristol and as Director of Public Engagement and Learning at RBG, Kew.

Angela’s work addresses digital technologies in education, and has included the development of a series of commercially successful software tools. She holds visiting chairs at King’s College, London and the University of Bath, is a Governor of the University of Middlesex and a member of the DfE Education Technology Action Group (ETAG). She joined the College of Teachers as Chief Executive and Registrar in June 2014 and is a leading member of the Claim Your College coalition.  In November 2014 she was one of the expert contributors to the Nordic and Baltic Prime Ministers’ Northern Futures Forum.

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Thursday 8 October 2015, 18.30 Pimlico Academy Primary, Lupus Street, Pimlico, London, SW1V 3AT.

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"Some of the freest speech I have enjoyed in years."
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