Pius Knüsel

Pius Knüsel moved to Zurich in 1985, where he worked for Swiss Television as cultural editor and as freelancer for several print products. He switched to culture management in 1992, when he was appointed director of the Moods Jazz Club. From 1998 to 2002, he was head of the cultural sponsoring department of Credit Suisse Switzerland; from 2002 to 2012 director of Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council. In 2012 „Kulturinfarkt“, a polemic 250 pages review of contemporary cultural politics, written jointly with three German colleagues, provoked a true scandal. The focal points were that cultural policies in Europe foster elitist thinking, are strongly segregative and hinder true artistic innovation. The main proposal was to shut down half of the cultural institutions and to use the money for boosting creative industries, amateurs and grass root initiatives. Nowadays he works in adult eduction, teaches fund-raising and arts management at several universities and professional schools and publishes about arts, culture and politics.

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Tuesday 20 October 2015, 19.30 Zentrum Karl der Grosse, Kirchgasse 14, 8001 Zurich

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