Susan Steed

Susan is an economist who used to work at the New Economics Foundation (NEF) and is now finishing a PhD and trying to learn to be a stand up comedian. In 2009 she was one of the people who founded the Brixton Pound and up to September 2015 she was the chair of the organisation. She also teaches on a variety of Masters Programmes and is a teaching assistant at Bristol University. Her primary interests are in money and inequality – trying to understand and reduce the ways in which individual lives can become distant from each other. She also likes talking about economics and particularly ways that make economics more accessible. To this end she has recently joined the group of tour guides who lead the Occupy Walking Tours and she guides on the City of London tour.

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Sunday 18 October 2015, 16.00 Frobisher Auditorium 2

Multinationals: curse or blessing for the developing world?

"Five debates a day sounds a bit daunting beforehand, but I really loved it. The speakers are so knowledgeable and passionate about their chosen topic, and the amount of time dedicated to questions from the audience was great as it really brought in alternative views."
Exeter University student

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