Matthew Scott

Matthew is a criminal barrister with a low-life criminal hack’s practice, both prosecuting and defending. He also blogs on legal issues he feels strongly about at In 2015 the blog won the title for “best independent blog” at the Editorial Intelligence Awards. 

He writes for the Daily Telegraph, The Times, Standpoint and other general publications, as well as specialist legal journals such as Criminal Law and Justice, The Solicitors Journal and the Criminal Bar Quarterly. Interests include the danger of miscarriages of justice (especially in historic cases), constitutional and human rights law. He considers himself broadly on the right of politics, and believes in freedom of speech and the freedom to do more or less anything unless it harms others.

He dislikes nationalism, socialism and greenism in roughly equal measure, and likes representative democracy. Whatever Brexit means he doesn’t much care for it.

On Twitter @barristerblog
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