Nick Rose

Nick Rose is a teacher at Haileybury-Turnford Academy in Hertfordshire. He worked as a post-graduate researcher in psychology before joining teaching in 2003 (teaching secondary school science and psychology courses). In 2014 he took on a ‘research lead’ role – helping teachers access better quality evidence to inform their practice and developing tools which teachers could use to investigate the impact of their innovations in the classroom. As part of this role, he’s presented at researchED conferences on some of the neuromyths and nonsense which bedevils education and coordinates Haileybury Turnford’s role as a developer school for the EEF funded, ‘Evidence for the frontline’ project.

In 2015 he was shortlisted for a TES award (Teacher Blogger of the year). His education blog focuses on how cognitive psychology and education research might be applied to classroom teaching and professional development.

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