Nick Corston

Nick is quite chuffed to have got to a stage in his life for Wired and the Guardian have said he’s ‘a man on a mission’.

With an engineering masters, a pioneering career in digital marketing and two sons with a future to worry about, he co-founded an initiative to power communities to inspire primary children with creativity across the STEAM skills of Science, Tech, Engineering, ART and Maths.

STEAM Co has received global media coverage is now looking for funding to help roll it out across the country into every UK primary and has already received support from companies like BT, Cass Art, Google and National Grid among others.

He is also currently helping ReadingWise launch an online literacy intervention to jump-start reading for the 20% who struggle.

Nick’s mantra (c/o Seth Godin) : ‘Art is what we call it when what we do might connect people”. Which is why he spells STEM with an ‘A’.

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