Jeremy Dalton

Jeremy is an enthusiast of all things technology and is constantly amazed by the incredible creations that humanity has brought to life.

Specifically, he is invested (both mentally and financially) in virtual reality and has given multiple talks on various aspects of VR.

Jeremy works in PwC’s Digital & Emerging Technologies team in an innovation and insight role. He regularly meets with startups and other interesting organisations to understand what they do and how it can be applied to different industries. He believes both large corporates and the startup world have mutually beneficial lessons to learn from each other.

Technology has always been his passion and he’s used it to - among other things - provide internet access to a remote village in Ghana, teach mathematics online, and mentor school students on building mobile and web applications.

Having come from a mixed British/Arab heritage, Jeremy was born in London but spent most of his life living in Dubai. He returned to the UK to study mathematics at the University of Southampton and met his Turkish wife while spending a semester abroad at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara.

He also happens to be a chartered accountant (but prefers not to advertise that too loudly!)

On Twitter @jeremycdalton
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