Sulaiman Osman

Sulaiman is a Journalist, broadcaster and blogger. He has been working as journalist for more than 15 years as a freelance writer contributing to Middle Eastern publications and online media . He engaged in political work, and worked with human rights organisations and civil society for a long time, and gained good experience on the Middle East, and wrote several reports on the status of the media, politics and human rights in Syria.
Sulaiman has attended many workshops about human rights issues in Middle East and North Africa. He has worked as a news and current affairs journalist for:  BBC , Alaraby tv, and is a regular guest contributor on television and radio news programs.

He is also a volunteer with many human rights organisations in the UK such as Amnesty International and Detention Action, especially on Syrians issues .

Sulaiman has a BA Humanities Department of Journalism at University of Damascus (Syria)  and Basic Skills Of International Print Journalism Sponsored by the Institute For War and Peace Report. He is currently working on project about human side of Syrian people .

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