Sian Jarvis

Sian started her career as a BBC trainee journalist and moved on to Reuters/GMTV when the new breakfast show launched in 1992.  She regularly presented the news and became their political correspondent in the Westminster lobby in 1994-1999. 
After 5 years covering both the Major government and the early years after Blair’s election she became a civil servant at the Department Health.  In all she spent 12 years on Whitehall working for 6 Secretaries of State, first as head of news and later as Director General for Communications for the DH and NHS. 

In 2009 she was named PR professional of the year and in 2010 was awarded a CB for her services to the Dept of Health. She led a marketing team that created enduring public health campaigns including Change4Life.  The marketing approach attracted the attention of Michelle Obama and was adopted as the US approach to tackling childhood obesity. 

The purpose of the campaign was to create a social movement for change involving many different societal partners including the commercial sector.  This took her career in a new direction and joined Asda as Director of Corporate Affairs in 2011.  She left to set up her own consultancy advising on health affairs and communications in 2013 and continues to work closely with Asda developing their strategy.

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