Phil Rumney

Phil Rumney is a Professor of Criminal Justice at Bristol Law School, UWE. Having previously worked with young people with a history of abuse or neglect, Phil has spent two decades writing about rape and sexual assault. His work has examined the police investigation of rape cases, courtroom treatment of complainants, rape sentencing, false allegations, and the impact of social attitudes on rape law enforcement,

His current empirical work involves an evaluation of a specialist rape investigation unit, along with an evaluation of a witness and victim care service.

He is currently co-writing a book entitled: Understanding and responding to sexual violence: A multi-disciplinary approach and in 2014, his book Torturing Terrorists: Exploring the Limits of Law, Human Rights and Academic Freedom, was published by Routledge.

Phil has been invited to deliver training sessions for police officers, forensic medical examiners and judges on various topics, including male victims of rape and victim reactions during and following rape. He also co-organises public engagement events in Bristol on the topic of sexual violence and is co-author of UWE’s ‘The Intervention Initiative’ which is the country’s first university-based sexual and domestic violence bystander intervention programme. This project is funded by Public Health England.

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