Isabelle Szmigin

Isabelle’s research interests lie in the area of conceptualising consumer behaviour and understanding the social and policy issues concerned with consumption. Her book Understanding the Consumer examines the complexity and unpredictability of consumers in the marketplace of the twenty first century. 2015 saw the publication of her Consumer Behaviour textbook co-authored with Professor Maria Piacentini of Lancaster University.

Before working in academia Isabelle worked in publishing, for a multinational chemical manufacturer and in the financial services industry.

Isabelle has held ESRC and British Academy Grants and is currently Principle Investigator on a European Foundation for Alcohol Research examining Lifestyle, social media and alcohol consumption. She is also Co-Investigator on an Alcohol Research UK Grant looking at Alcohol marketing to young people via social media and its implication for advertising codes of practice. 

Isabelle regularly appears in the media including Newsnight, BBC Breakfast and BBC News and Radio 4’s Today programme. She is a columnist for the Conversation.

On Twitter @isabelle.szmigin
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