Tiago Guedes

Tiago Guedes (Leiria, 1978) began developing his work as a choreographer in 2001, with performances such as “Um Solo” (2002, ZDB, Festival Danças na Cidade, Lisbon) – winner of several awards including, Danças Na Cidade, Bienal dos Jovens Criadores da Europa e do Mediterrâneo; “Materiais Diversos” (2003, TNDMII, Lisbon); “Trio” (2005, Le Vivat, Armentières/Culturgest, Lisbon); “Matrioska” (2007, Le Vivat); “Ópera” (July 2007, Negócio/ZDB, Lisbon); “Coisas Maravilhosas” (2008, Le Vivat, Armentières) and “Hoje” (2013, Culturgest, Lisbon). In 2007 he became artistic director of the cultural association Materiais Diversos, directing its international performing arts festival since 2009. In 2011 he became artistic director of Cine-Teatro São Pedro in Alcanena, Portugal, a position he held for two years. From March 2013 until August 2014, he took on the artistic direction of Teatro Virgínia, Torres Novas. Since September 2014, he is artistic director of Teatro Municipal do Porto (Rivoli and Campo).

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Thursday 5 November 2015, 21.30 Maus Hábitos, Rua Passos Manuel 178, 4º Piso, 4000-382 Porto

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