Paul Thomas

Paul is a civil servant who has lived in Leeds for over 25 years. He is a co-founder and organiser of The Leeds Salon public discussion forum, and writes regularly for its online journal Freedom in a Puritan Age and the Leeds-based Culture Vulture blog. He took part in the panel-debate Recession Proofing: From Union Militancy to Reskilling at the Battle of Ideas 2009. He has been a judge in the Academy of Ideas sixth-form Debating Matters competition since 2008, and helps chair and run competition events throughout the north of England. Using the DM format, Paul also runs the Headingley Festival of Ideas Schools Debating Competition for years 10 & 11 pupils.

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Monday 5 October 2015, 18.45 Millennium Room, Carriageworks Theatre, The Electric Press, 3 Millennium Square, Leeds LS2 3AD

From bullet trains to driverless cars: where is transport going?

"Although 'battle' suggests destruction, these were some of the most constructive debates I've taken part in. This was civilised conflict in the best sense of both words."
Julian Baggini, author, Welcome to Everytown: A Journey into the English Mind, and The Ego Trick

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