Güneş Taylor

Güneş Taylor is a stem cell researcher at the University of Oxford, currently studying for a PhD in Clinical Laboratory Sciences. She has a keen interest in regenerative medicine and reprogramming, and her research – conducted in the laboratory of Professor Tatjana Sauka-Spengler – focuses on investigating certain key genes that are involved in maintaining stem-cell like properties of therapeutically important cells.
She has an MSci in Human Genetics from the University of Nottingham, and has worked in both research laboratory and science communication roles. She has done science communication work for the Science Council, I’m a Scientist Get Me Out Of Here and the Cheltenham Science Festival, and she has competed in Famelab.

She is a longstanding member of the Alumni team of the international Debating Matters competition, and she is the moderator of her laboratory’s Twitter account at @TSS_Lab. She is particularly interested in the intellectual, emotional and ideological relationship that human beings have with their germline, and how this will continue to change with time and biotechnological development.

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