List of speakers

Battle of Ideas 2015 is our biggest ever, with over 450 speakers confirmed to date.

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  • David Aaronovitch
    columnist, The Times; author, Voodoo Histories; chair, Index on Censorship
  • Tim Abrahams
    co-publisher, Machine Books
  • Gilbert Achcar
    professor of development studies and international relations; chair of Centre for Palestine Studies, SOAS, University of London
  • Abhay Adhikari
    innovation consultant and strategist; founder, Digital Identity
  • Sam Adlen
    head of business innovation, Satellite Applications Catapult
  • Andrew Adonis
    Labour peer; author, 5 Days in May: The Coalition and Beyond
  • Nicole Agba
    Autocar Next Generation Award 2014 Winner
  • Jobeda Ali
    CEO, Three Sisters Care
  • Shahrar Ali
    deputy leader, Green Party
  • Stuart Allan
    professor of journalism and communication, Cardiff University; co-author, Digital War Reporting
  • Duleep Allirajah
    sports columnist, spiked; Crystal Palace fan
  • Merris Amos
    reader in human rights law, Queen Mary University of London
  • Anthony Anaxagorou
    poet, writer, performer and educator
  • Dr Frankie Anderson
    psychiatry trainee; co-founder, Sheffield Salon
  • Bea Appleby
    editor, The Female Lead
  • Josie Appleton
    director, civil liberties group, Manifesto Club; author, Officious: Rise of the Busybody State
  • Alexandra Archetti Stølen
    festival director, Oslo World Music Festival; president, European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals
  • Dr Eugenia Arsenis
    director; dramaturg, Center for Contemporary Opera, New York

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  • Dr Julian Baggini
    founding editor, the Philosophers' Magazine; author, Freedom Regained: the possibility of free will and The Edge of Reason: A Rational Skeptic in an Irrational World
  • Tom Bailey
    journalist; contributor, World Finance, European CEO, and The New Economy.
  • P Balaji
    director - regulatory, external affairs and CSR, Vodafone India
  • Ros Ball
    journalist; author, The Gender Police: a diary
  • Emily Barley
    chairman, Conservatives for Liberty
  • Dr Graham Barnfield
    senior lecturer in journalism, University of East London
  • Jenny Barrett
    reader in film studies and popular culture, Edge Hill University
  • Leela Barrock
    group head, group communications & corporate affairs, Malaysia-based multinational, Sime Darby Berhad
  • James Bartholomew
    writer and journalist; author, The Welfare of Nations
  • Kalsoom Bashir
    co-director, Inspire, an NGO working to counter extremism and gender inequality
  • Dr Tinneke Beeckman
    independent philosopher; writer; columnist, De Standaard
  • Sean Bell
    secretary and founder member, The Brighton Salon; copy-editor, writer and journalist
  • Simon Belt
    IT consultant; coordinator, Manchester Salon
  • Dr Agiatis Benardou
    senior research associate, ATHENA Research Centre
  • Dr Piers Benn
    philosopher; author, Commitment and Ethics; visiting lecturer in ethics, Heythrop College, London and Fordham University, New York
  • Robert Bevan
    writer; heritage consultant; architecture critic for the London Evening Standard; author, The Destruction of Memory: architecture at war
  • Paul Bew
    crossbench peer; professor of politics, Queen's University Belfast; formerly, historical adviser to Northern Ireland’s Bloody Sunday Tribunals
  • Julie Bindel
    journalist, author, broadcaster and feminist activist; research fellow, Lincoln University
  • Mark Birbeck
    internet software and big data consultant
  • Jonathan Birdwell
    head of policy and research, Institute for Strategic Dialogue
  • Helen Birtwistle
    history and politics teacher, South London school
  • Bill Biss
    editor, STAND Fanzine
  • Dr Tim Black
    editor, Spiked Review
  • John David Blake
    history practitioner, Harris Federation
  • Cara Bleiman
    teacher, Arnhem Wharf Primary School
  • Daisy Blench
    policy manager - alcohol policy and responsibility, British Beer & Pub Association
  • Linda Blum
    associate professor of sociology, Northeastern University, Boston
  • Laura Blumenthal
    Conservative Party Councillor, Wokingham Borough Council
  • Allum Bokhari
    columnist, Breitbart
  • Sylvia Borren
    executive director, Greenpeace Netherlands
  • Sumantra Bose
    professor of international and comparative politics, London School of Economics
  • Professor Mike Boulton
    professor of psychology, University of Chester; researcher, bully-victim relationships and psychological well-being
  • David Bowden
    associate fellow, Academy of Ideas; culture writer
  • Shaun Breslin
    professor of international politics, University of Warwick; associate fellow, Chatham House Asia Programme, Royal Institute of International Affairs
  • Justine Brian
    director, Debating Matters Competition
  • Jennie Bristow
    senior lecturer in sociology, Canterbury Christ Church University; author, The Sociology of Generations: New directions and challenges and Baby Boomers and Generational Conflict; co-author, Parenting Culture Studies
  • Jamie Bristow
    director, The Mindfulness Initiative
  • Justin Bronk
    research analyst, military sciences, RUSI; assistant editor, RUSI Defence Systems online journal
  • Cressida Brown
    artistic director, Offstage Theatre; conceived, curated and directed Walking The Tightrope: the tension between Art and Politics
  • Amy Brown
    associate professor in public health, Swansea University; researcher into breastfeeding
  • Dr Katrina Brown
    director, The Common Guild
  • Jon Bryan
    regional support official, University and College Union (UCU); treasurer, The Great Debate
  • Lyndsay Burtonshaw
    activities officer, Sussex University Student Union
  • Jim Butcher
    reader in geography of tourism, Canterbury Christ Church University; co-author, Volunteer Tourism: the lifestyle politics of international development
  • Nadia Butt
    national coordinator, Debating Matters Competition, Academy of Ideas

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  • Michael Caines
    assistant editor, Times Literary Supplement
  • Dr James Campbell
    lecturer in American History, University of Leicester; author, Crime and Punishment in African American History
  • Professor Ted Cantle, CBE
    director, Institute of Community Cohesion (iCoCo); chair, Community Cohesion Review
  • Dr Nessa Carey
    international director, PraxisUnico; author, The Epigenetics Revolution
  • Alvin Carpio
    board member, UpRising
  • Emma Carr
    director, Big Brother Watch
  • Ana Castro
    graphic designer; CEO, Circus Network
  • Saimo Chahal QC (hon)
    partner; joint head, Public Law & Human Rights, Bindmans LLP
  • Tom Chance
    housing spokesperson, Green Party
  • David Chandler
    professor of international relations, University of Westminster; author, Resilience: the Governance of Complexity
  • JJ Charlesworth
    senior editor, ArtReview
  • Jonathan Charley
    director of cultural studies, Department of Architecture at the University of Strathclyde
  • Dr Tom Chatfield
    writer and broadcaster; author, Live This Book! and How to Thrive in the Digital Age
  • Daisy Christodoulou
    research and development director, Ark Schools; author, Seven Myths about Education; season ticket holder, West Ham
  • Dimitris Christopoulos
    vice president, International Federation for Human Rights
  • Ruth Cigman
    senior research fellow in philosophy of education, University College London Institute of Education
  • Professor Nigel Clark
    chair, human geography, Lancaster University
  • Simon Clark
    director, smokers’ rights group, Forest; Action on Consumer Choice.
  • Dave Clements
    adviser to local government; blogger, Guardian, Huffington Post; convenor, IoI Social Policy Forum.
  • Dr Robert Clowes
    chair, Mind & Cognition Group, Nova Institute of Philosophy, Lisbon University; chair, Lisbon Salon
  • Joel Cohen
    communications manager, BeyondMe
  • Christopher Coker
    professor of international relations, LSE; books include Future War and Can War Be Eliminated?
  • Isobel Colchester
    chief executive, Poet in the City
  • Glenda Cooper
    lecturer in journalism, City University London; co-editor, Humanitarianism, Communications and Change
  • Frances Coppola
    associate editor, Pieria; contributor to Nesta’s Our Work Here is Done, exploring the frontiers of robot technology
  • Nick Corston
    co-founder, STEAM Co, set up to power communities to inspire children with creativity across the STEAM skills of Science, Tech, Engineering, Art and Maths
  • Madalena Corte-Real
    sociologist , FAS – Fundo de Arquitectura Social
  • Ed Cottingham
    media analyst and researcher
  • Dr Mark Coulson
    reader and associate professor of psychology, Middlesex University; contributor, The video game debate and Online worlds: Convergence of the real and the virtual
  • John Coventry
    global communications director,
  • Teresa Cremin
    professor of education (literacy), Open University; trustee, UK Literacy Association; board member, Booktrust
  • Shane Croucher
    senior writer, International Business Times
  • Niall Crowley
    freelance designer and writer
  • Rosamund Cuckston
    organiser, Birmingham Salon; lead singer, Pram
  • Dolan Cummings
    associate fellow, Academy of Ideas; author, That Existential Leap: a crime story (forthcoming from Zero Books)
  • Dr Philip Cunliffe
    senior lecturer in international conflict, University of Kent; co-editor, Politics Without Sovereignty: a critique of contemporary international relations.
  • Barry Curtis
    Volunteer and writer
  • Lesley Curwen
    business, economics and personal finance journalist, BBC; writer and speaker
  • Helen Czerski
    physicist, oceanographer and broadcaster

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  • Kenneth Dahlgren
    head of social sciences, Rodeo Arkitekter AS
  • Sue Daley
    head of big data, cloud and mobile, techUK
  • Kimon Daltas
    editor, Classical Music magazine
  • Jeremy Dalton
    innovation consultant, PwC
  • Anas Darkaoui
    programme manager, Asfari Foundation
  • Martin Daubney
    award-wining editor, journalist, and broadcaster; columnist for Telegraph Men
  • Neil Davenport
    sociology and politics teacher; writer on culture; former music journalist
  • Rose Davis
    intern, Academy of Ideas
  • Chrissie Daz
    schoolteacher; cabaret performer; author on transgender and gender variant identity
  • Amali de Alwis
    CEO, Code First: Girls
  • Alex Deane
    managing director, FTI Consulting; Sky News regular; BBC Dateline London panellist; author Big Brother Watch: The state of civil liberties in modern Britain
  • Dr Katerina Deligiorgi
    reader in philosophy, University of Sussex; author, The Scope of Autonomy
  • Dr Shirley Dent
    communications specialist (currently working with the British Veterinary Association media team); editor,; author, Radical Blake
  • Emma Dent-Coad
    planning spokesperson, Labour Group, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council; design and architecture journalist
  • Nadia Denton
    film industry specialist; author, The Nigerian Filmmaker’s Guide to Success: beyond Nollywood
  • Paul Dickinson
    executive chairman, CDP, driving sustainable economies
  • Betsy Dillner
    director, Generation Rent
  • Ceri Dingle
    director, WORLDwrite & WORLDbytes
  • Emily Dinsmore
    project administrator, Physics Factory
  • Mar Dixon
    creator, MuseomixUK and MuseumCamp
  • Laura Dodsworth
    photographer; author, Bare Reality: 100 women, their breasts, their stories
  • Alastair Donald
    associate director, Future Cities Project; architecture programme manager, British Council
  • Ian Douglas
    journalist, Telegraph
  • Ashley Dove-Jay
    aerospace engineer; popular science writer; Urban Spaceman columnist, Bristol Post
  • Andrew Doyle
    stand-up comedian; playwright
  • Ruth Dudley Edwards
    historian and journalist; author, The Seven: the lives and legacies of the founding fathers of the Irish Republic (forthcoming)
  • Ian Dunt
    editor,; political editor, Erotic Review
  • Martin Durkin
    CEO, Wag TV
  • Professor Bill Durodié
    head of department and chair of international relations, University of Bath

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  • Dr Wendy Earle
    impact development officer, Birkbeck, University of London; convenor, Academy of Ideas Arts and Society Forum
  • Kathryn Ecclestone
    professor of education, University of Sheffield; author, Governing Vulnerable Subjects in a Therapeutic Age (forthcoming)
  • Susan Edwards
    dean of law, University of Buckingham
  • Kajsa Ekis Ekman
    Swedish journalist, writer and activist; author, Skulden - eurokrisen sedd från Aten and Being and Being Bought; writer, Dagens Nyheter
  • Saja Elgredly
    YAV Debater and Trainer (Egypt) Grad Student at City University London (UK) Culture Corner (Egypt)
  • Jonn Elledge
    editor, CityMetric; writer, New Statesman
  • Rob Elsworth
    policy analyst - climate and energy, Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD)
  • Steven Erlanger
    London bureau chief, New York Times
  • Dr Oliver Escobar
    co-director, What Works Scotland; lecturer in public policy, University of Edinburgh
  • Mahan Esfahani
    harpsichordist; BBC Music ‘Newcomer of the Year’ 2015
  • Raffaele Esposito
    architect and urban designer, DRS / Glasgow City Council
  • Katie Evans
    economist, Social Market Foundation
  • Leo Evans
    politics student, University of Liverpool; Liberal Democrat PPC for Liverpool Wavertree, 2015

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  • Craig Fairnington
    associate fellow, Academy of Ideas; university finance and accommodation officer
  • Kishwer Falkner
    Baroness Falkner of Margravine; chair, House of Lords EU Financial Affairs Sub-Committee; member, EU Select Committee
  • Dr Miguel Farias
    reader in cognitive and biological psychology, Coventry University
  • Paul Farmer
    chief executive, Mind
  • Alice Ferguson
    director, Playing Out
  • George Ferguson, CBE
    mayor of Bristol
  • Dr Eliza Filby
    visiting lecturer in Modern British History, King’s College London; author, God and Mrs Thatcher: The battle for Britain’s soul
  • Justin Fisher
    professor of political science and director of the Magna Carta Institute, Brunel University London
  • Dr Michael Fitzpatrick
    writer on medicine and politics; author, The Tyranny of Health
  • John Fitzpatrick
    professor of law and director, Kent Law Clinic, University of Kent, Canterbury
  • Dr Susan Foister
    deputy director and director of public engagement, National Gallery
  • Dr Katrina Forrester
    lecturer in history of political thought, Queen Mary University of London
  • Oliver Foster
    managing partner, Pagefield
  • Claire Fox
    director, Academy of Ideas; panellist, BBC Radio 4's Moral Maze; author, I Find That Offensive
  • Cristiana Fragola
    regional director for Europe & Middle East, 100 Resilient Cities
  • Dr Ashley Frawley
    Senior lecturer in sociology and social policy, Swansea University; author, The Semiotics of Happiness: rhetorical beginnings of a public problem
  • Dr Liz Frayn
    consultant psychiatrist, Devon Partnership Trust
  • Professor Elizabeth Frazer
    head of department, Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford; fellow in politics, New College Oxford
  • Professor Monika Frommel
    jurist; former director, criminological institute, Christian-Albrechts-University, Kiel
  • Professor Steve Fuller
    Auguste Comte Chair in Social Epistemology, University of Warwick
  • Professor Frank Furedi
    sociologist and social commentator; author, What's Happened to the University?, Power of Reading: from Socrates to Twitter, On Tolerance and Authority: a sociological history

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  • John Gapper
    columnist , Financial Times
  • Laia Gasch
    special assistant to Deputy Mayor for Culture, Mayor's Office; chair of trustees, Chats Palace Arts Centre
  • Elisabetta Gasparoni
    teacher; convenor of the Future Cities Project Readers’ Group
  • Dr Clare Gerada
    GP; past chair, Royal College of General Practitioners
  • Jeanne-Marie Gescher
    author, All Under Heaven: China’s Dreams of Order; speaker; adviser
  • Chrissie Giles
    senior editor, Wellcome Trust; commissioning editor, Mosaic
  • Andrew Gimson
    author and political journalist; contributing editor, ConservativeHome
  • Jodie Ginsberg
    chief executive, Index on Censorship
  • Luke Gittos
    criminal lawyer; director of City of London Appeals Clinic; legal editor at spiked; author, Why Rape Culture is a Dangerous Myth: From Steubenville to Ched Evans
  • Dr Daniel Glaser
    director, Science Gallery London, King's College London
  • David Goodhart
    director, Demos Integration Hub; author, The British Dream: successes and failures of post-war immigration
  • Harold Goodwin
    professor of responsible tourism, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Maria José Goulão
    professor of art history, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto
  • Manick Govinda
    head, artists' advisory services; producer, Artsadmin; vice chair, a-n The Artists Information Company
  • Susan Grant-Muller
    professor of technologies and informatics, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds
  • Dr Maria Grasso
    lecturer in politics and quantitative methods, Department of Politics, University of Sheffield; author: Generations, Political Participation and Social Change in Western Europe
  • Miranda Green
    journalist; founding editor, The Day; regular contributor to BBC political shows; former Lib Dem spin doctor
  • Professor Trisha Greenhalgh
    professor of primary care health sciences, University of Oxford
  • Ross Greer
    head of campaigns and communications, Scottish Green Party
  • Sean Gregory
    director, Creative Learning, Barbican/Guildhall School of Music & Drama
  • Phoebe Griffith
    associate director, migration, integration and communities, IPPR
  • Tiago Guedes
    director, Teatro Municipal do Porto
  • Dr Helene Guldberg
    director, spiked; author, Reclaiming Childhood: freedom and play in an age of fear and Just Another Ape?
  • David Gurnham
    associate professor in law, University of Southampton; author, Crime, Desire and Law’s Unconscious
  • Dr Chris Gyngell
    research fellow, Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics

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  • Barbara Hackenschmidt
    member of Parliament Brandenburg (2004-2014) and again as of 1st November 2015.
  • Pauline Hadaway
    writer and researcher
  • Dr Philip Hadfield
    associate fellow, University of Leeds; author, Nightlife and Crime
  • Isobel Hadley-Kamptz
    Swedish journalist; author, Frihet och fruktan: Tankar om en ny liberalism
  • Rania Hafez
    programme leader, MA Education, Greenwich University; fellow, The Muslim Institute
  • Dr Lesley Hall
    Wellcome Library Research Fellow
  • Ahmed Hamad
    YAV Debater and Trainer (Jordan) Secretary of International Relations at University of Vaasa (Finland)
  • Philip Hammond
    professor of media and communications, London South Bank University
  • Adnan Harambasic
    architect; partner SAAHA
  • Lisa Harker
    director of strategy, policy and evidence, NSPCC
  • Phineas Harper
    deputy director, The Architecture Foundation
  • Sabrina Harris
    technical author; longtime gamer; regular commentator on issues relating to freedom of speech and internet subcultures
  • Andrew Harrop
    general secretary, Fabian Society; author, A Presumption of Equality; contributor, The Generation Game
  • Adrian Hart
    author, That's Racist! How the regulation of speech and thought divides us all and Leave those kids alone – How official hate speech regulation interferes in school life
  • Dr Anna Hartnell
    senior lecturer in contemporary literature, Birkbeck, University of London
  • Professor Dennis Hayes
    professor of education, University of Derby
  • Dr Sudhir Hazareesingh
    fellow and tutor in politics, Balliol College, Oxford; author, How the French Think: an affectionate portrait of an intellectual people
  • James Heartfield
    writer and lecturer; co-author, Who’s Afraid of the Easter Rising?
  • Bríd Hehir
    writer, researcher and traveller; retired nurse and fundraiser
  • Professor Magnus Henrekson
    professor in economics and managing director of Swedish IFN (The Research Institute of Industrial Economics); author and public debater.
  • Barbara Hewson
    barrister, Middle Temple; writer and commentator
  • Nancy Hey
    director, What Works Centre for Wellbeing
  • Angie Hobbs
    Professor of the Public Understanding of Philosophy, University of Sheffield
  • Christina Hoff Sommers
    writer and resident scholar, American Enterprise Institute; host, weekly video series, The Factual Feminist
  • Jon Holbrook
    barrister; writer on legal issues; regular contributor to spiked
  • Rosemary Hollis
    professor of international politics and director of the Olive Tree Programme, City University London
  • Professor Alan Hudson
    director of leadership and public policy programmes, University of Oxford; visiting professor, Shanghai Jiaotong University
  • George Hull
    co-founder, Bloc; contributor, the Spectator
  • Mick Hume
    editor-at-large, online magazine spiked; author, Trigger Warning: Is the Fear of Being Offensive Killing Free Speech?
  • Huw Humphreys
    head of music, Barbican Centre
  • Dr Rupa Huq
    Labour MP for Ealing Central and Acton

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  • Dr Humeria Iqtidar
    senior lecturer in politics, Department of Political Economy, King’s College London
  • Tracy Irish
    Warwick Business School Shakespeare Scholar; author, The Shorter Shakespeare
  • Tom Ironside
    director of business and regulation, British Retail Consortium

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  • Helen Jamison
    head of media relations, Wellcome Trust
  • Christopher Jamison
    director, National office for vocation, Catholic Church of England and Wales; author, Finding Sanctuary and Finding Happiness; featured in BBC TV's The Monastery
  • Ana Jara
    founding member and manager, ARTÉRIA – Humanizing Architecture
  • Sian Jarvis
    managing director, Jarvis & Bo Communications; former director general of communications, Department of Health
  • Paul Jasper
    consultant, Oxford Policy Management – a leading international development consultancy
  • Nitin Jayakrishnan
    tech entrepreneur (Co-Founder of iTrucks PLC and LO/RE); student, Warwick Manufacturing Group, University of Warwick; alumnus, Debating Matters India
  • Leszek Jazdzewski
    editor-in-chief, Polish liberal journal Liberté!
  • Vít Jedlička
    president of Liberland
  • Dr Tiffany Jenkins
    writer and broadcaster; author, Keeping Their Marbles: how treasures of the past ended up in museums and why they should stay there
  • Louise Johns-Shepherd
    chief executive, Centre for Literacy in Primary Education
  • Dr Lucy Johnstone
    consultant clinical psychologist, Cwm Taf Health Board, South Wales; author, A Straight Talking Guide to Psychiatric Diagnosis
  • Rachael Jolley
    editor, Index on Censorship magazine
  • Lorien Jollye
    vaping advocate, New Nicotine Alliance UK
  • Daniel Joseph
    rector of Derby, Dean of East Midlands, Russian Orthodox Church; chaplain and lecturer in philosophy, University of Derby

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  • Dr Thomas Karshan
    lecturer in literature, University of East Anglia; author, Vladimir Nabokov and the Art of Play
  • Maja Kecman
    design lead, HELIX, St Mary’s Hospital
  • Professor Mike Kelly
    senior visiting fellow, Behaviour and Health Research Unit, Institute of Public Health, University of Cambridge; researcher in nudge theory and choice architecture
  • Angus Kennedy
    convenor, The Academy; author, Being Cultured: in defence of discrimination
  • Dr Peter Kent
    immediate past president, ASCL; headteacher, Lawrence Sheriff School
  • Ashutosh Khandekar
    editor, Opera Now
  • Aditi Khanna
    senior correspondent, Press Trust of India; editor, India Inc.; president, Indian Journalists’ Association
  • Geoff Kidder
    director, membership and events, Academy of Ideas; convenor, IoI Book Club; IoI’s resident expert in all sporting matters
  • Thomas Kielinger
    UK correspondent, Die Welt
  • Rob Killick
    CEO, Clerkswell; author, The UK After The Recession
  • Marie Kinsey
    joint head of department, Journalism Studies, University of Sheffield
  • Matthew Kirk
    group external affairs director, Vodafone
  • Lesley Klaff
    senior lecturer in law, Sheffield Hallam University; associate editor, Journal for the Study of Antisemitism
  • Dr Simon Knight
    senior youth work practitioner; vice chair, Play Scotland
  • Pius Knüsel
    teacher; cultural editor and writer
  • Boris Kotchoubey
    professor, University of Tübingen
  • Serena Kutchinsky
    digital editor, Prospect

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  • Dr Alexandra Lamont
    senior lecturer, psychology of music, Keele University
  • Dr Sean Lang
    senior lecturer in history, Anglia Ruskin University; director, Better History Forum
  • Nadia Latif
    theatre director; credits include, Homegrown (NYT); Octagon (Arcola Theatre); Even Stillness Breathes Softly Against A Brick Wall (Soho Theatre)
  • Dr Shirley Lawes
    researcher; consultant and university teacher, specialising in teacher education and modern foreign languages; Chevalier dans l’ordre des Palmes Académiques
  • Paul Lay
    editor, History Today
  • Dr Ellie Lee
    reader in social policy, University of Kent, Canterbury; director, Centre for Parenting Culture Studies
  • Philippe Legrain
    visiting senior fellow, LSE’s European Institute; author, Immigrants: your country needs them and European Spring: Why Our Economies and Politics are in a Mess – and How to Put Them Right
  • Sam Leith
    literary editor, Spectator; judge, Man Booker Prize 2015
  • Dr Norman Lewis
    director (innovation), PwC; co-author, Big Potatoes: the London manifesto for innovation
  • Penny Lewis
    lecturer, Scott Sutherland School of Architecture, Robert Gordon University; co-founder, AE Foundation
  • Richard Lewis
    veteran games journalist
  • Rod Liddle
    associate editor, Spectator; columnist, The Sunday Times; author, Selfish Whining Monkeys
  • Jonathan Liew
    sportswriter, Telegraph
  • Mark Littlewood
    director general, Institute of Economic Affairs
  • Peter Lloyd
    freelance journalist; author, Stand By Your Manhood
  • Daniel Lloyd
    consumer lawyer; member of the employed bar; co-author, Blackstone's Guide to the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (forthcoming)
  • Diogo Seixas Lopes
    partner, Barbas Lopes Arquitectos
  • Jonathan Lundqvist
    president, Reporters Without Borders Sweden; vice-president, RSF International
  • Rick Lyman
    journalist; Central and Eastern European bureau chief, New York Times
  • Rob Lyons
    science and technology director, Academy of Ideas; convenor, IoI Economy Forum

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  • George MacDonald
    executive editor, Retail Week
  • Leila MacTavish
    head of initial teacher education, Future Training, Future Academies
  • Dr Jan Macvarish
    associate lecturer and researcher, Centre for Parenting Culture Studies, University of Kent; author, Neuroparenting: The Expert Invasion of Family Life
  • Shiraz Maher
    senior research fellow and head of outreach, International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR), King's College London
  • John Mair
    editor and journalism lecturer; co-editor, The BBC Today: future uncertain
  • Jakub Makowski
    regional chair, Liberal Youth in the East of England
  • Amjad Malik
    education consultant, The Nida Trust
  • Kate Maltby
    theatre critic, The Times; associate fellow, Bright Blue; researcher on intellectual life of Elizabeth I
  • Lila Manioti
    director of cultural affairs, Hellenic American Union
  • Maria Margaronis
    writer and broadcaster, The Nation magazine
  • Toby Marshall
    A Level Film Studies Teacher; PhD researcher in sociology of education, UCL Institute of Education
  • Carlos Martins
    CEO, Opium lda
  • Jack Marwood
    primary school teacher; education writer, Icing on the Cake blog
  • Nikola Matisic
    opera singer and pedagogue; founder, Operalabb
  • Benita Matofska
    chief sharer, Compare and Share; global sharing economy expert
  • Christian May
    editor, City A.M.
  • Dr Catherine McCall
    director, EPIC (the European Philosophical Inquiry Centre)
  • Amber McCleary
    founding director, Copper Clothing
  • Dr Tara McCormack
    lecturer in international politics, University of Leicester; author, Critique, Security and Power: the political limits to emancipatory approaches
  • Kevin McCullagh
    founder, Plan
  • Nancy McDermott
    writer; advisor to Park Slope Parents, NYC's most notorious parents' organization
  • Angela McFarlane
    chief executive and registrar, The College of Teachers
  • Neil McGuire
    designer and design tutor, Glasgow School of Art
  • Colin McInnes
    James Watt Chair, Professor of Engineering Science, University of Glasgow
  • Dr Marie McIntyre
    research associate, Department of Epidemiology & Population Health, Institute of Infection & Global Health, University of Liverpool
  • Dr Anthony McIntyre
    author, Good Friday: the death of Irish Republicanism
  • Dr Ken McLaughlin
    lecturer in social work; author, Surviving Identity: vulnerability and the psychology of recognition
  • David McNeill
    director of public affairs and stakeholder engagement, Transport For London
  • James McVinnie
    organist; latest release, Cycles
  • Anna Mdee
    research fellow, Overseas Development Institute
  • Alp Mehmet
    retired diplomat; vice-chairman, Migrationwatch UK
  • Dr Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens
    lecturer, King's College London; head of research, ICSR
  • Clare Melford
    interim executive and organisational consultant; presenter, BBC Radio 4 Four Thought programme "Buddha in the Boardroom"
  • Kaitlynn Mendes
    lecturer in media and communication, University of Leicester; author, SlutWalk: feminism, activism and media
  • Samar Samir Mezghanni
    YAV Debater and Trainer (Tunisia) PhD Candidate at University of Cambridge (UK)
  • Professor Andy Miah
    chair in science communication & digital media, University of Salford
  • Dr Ruth Mieschbuehler
    programme leader, education studies, College of Education, University of Derby
  • Gia Milinovich
    producer, broadcaster, professional dork
  • Sally Millard
    co-founder, IoI Parents Forum
  • Alan Miller
    chairman, Night Time Industries Association (NTIA)
  • Carl Miller
    research director, Centre for the Analysis of Social Media, Demos
  • Beverley Milton-Edwards
    professor of politics, Queen’s University Belfast; author, Muslim Brotherhood: the Arab Spring and its future face
  • Munira Mirza
    advisor on arts and philanthropy; former deputy mayor of London for education and culture; author, The Politics of Culture: the case for universalism
  • Kevin Mole
    associate professor (reader) and head of entrepreneurship and innovation, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick
  • Paul Moloney
    trade union and industrial relations manager
  • Derek Molyneux
    historian and writer
  • Anshuman Mondal
    professor of English and Postcolonial Studies, Brunel University London; author, The Politics of Free Speech after Rushdie
  • Dr Jules Montague
    consultant neurologist, Royal Free Hospital
  • Chris Moody
    chief business development officer, Transport Systems Catapult
  • Rowan Moore
    architecture critic, Observer; author, Why We Build
  • Christian Moos
    secretary general, German Section of European Federalists
  • Juliette Morgan
    C&W Tech Global Lead – London Head of Property – Tech City UK
  • Paul Morley
    music journalist; author, The North (and almost everything in it)
  • Mark Morrin
    research associate, ResPublica; co-author, Devo Max - Devo Manc
  • Daniel Moylan
    former deputy chairman of Transport for London; Conservative Councillor; co-chairman, Urban Design London
  • Frank Mulder
    researcher, writer and journalist; ; columnist, De Groene Amsterdammer; author, De geluksmachine (The Happiness Machine)
  • Para Mullan
    senior project manager, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development; FCIPD
  • Phil Mullan
    economist and business manager; author, Creative Destruction: How to start an economic renaissance
  • Chris Muller
    head, Sir William Perkins’s School
  • Annabel Mullin
    PhD researcher, UCL Institute of Education; Lib Dem Parliamentary spokesperson for Kensington
  • Toby Mundy
    founding director, TMA literary agency; executive director, Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction
  • Liam Murray
    founder and owner, We Are Flat Five, a boutique management consultancy
  • Rupert Myers
    barrister and writer

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  • Jonathan Neame
    chief executive, Shepherd Neame Ltd
  • Dr Kristian Niemietz
    senior research fellow, Institute of Economic Affairs; author, A Patient Approach: putting the consumer at the heart of UK healthcare
  • Charles Nishikawa
    management consultant, Across Associates Consultants; lecturer, Mejiro University
  • Jon Nixon
    writer, Centre of International Education and Lifelong Learning, Hong Kong Institute of Education; author, Hannah Arendt and the politics of friendship; founding co-editor, Perspectives in Leadership in Higher Education
  • Ted Nordhaus
    chairman, Breakthrough Institute
  • Peter North
    reader in alternative economies, Department of Geography and Planning, University of Liverpool
  • Robin Norton-Hale
    artistic director, OperaUpClose
  • Teresa Novais
    partner, aNC arquitectos
  • Professor Fred Nyberg
    senior professor in biological research on drug addiction, Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences, Uppsala University

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  • Margaret O’ Callaghan
    historian and political analyst, Queens University of Belfast
  • Anthony O'Hear
    professor of philosophy, University of Buckingham; editor, Philosophy; director, Royal Institute of Philosophy
  • Mohsen Ojja
    principal, The Crest Academies
  • Kunle Olulode
    director, Voice4Change England; creative director, Rebop Productions
  • Brendan O'Neill
    editor, spiked; columnist, Big Issue; contributor, Spectator; author, A Duty to Offend: Selected Essays
  • Andrew Opie
    director for food and sustainability, British Retail Consortium
  • Daniel O'Reilly
    comedian, aka Dapper Laughs
  • Andrew Orlowski
    executive editor, Register; assistant producer, All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace
  • David Orr
    chief executive, National Housing Federation
  • Sulaiman Osman
    writer, blogger and political activist
  • Ann Overbergh
    programmer, Dutch-Flemish House deBuren
  • Michael Owens
    commercial director, Bow Arts Trust; owner, London Urban Visits; formerly, head of development policy, London Development Agency

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  • Adrian Pabst
    senior lecturer in politics, University of Kent
  • Danni Paffard
    divestment campaigner,
  • Dr James Panton
    head of politics, Magdalen College School, Oxford; associate lecturer in politics and philosophy, Open University; co-founder, Manifesto Club
  • Lefteris Papagiannakis
    member, Athens municipal council; president; Immigrant Integration Council
  • Eva Pascoe
    chair, digital network Cybersalon; co-founder, Cyberia, world’s first internet café; co-author, An Alternative Future High Street for the UK minister for high streets
  • Bénédicte Paviot
    U.K. correspondent, France 24; regular contributor to news and current affairs programmes, BBC TV & Radio, Sky News, LBC and other UK and overseas outlets
  • Laurie Penny
    journalist; contributing editor, New Statesman; author, Unspeakable Things: sex, lies and revolution
  • Luis T Pereira
    founding partner, [A] ainda arquitectura architecture studio, Porto
  • Shyama Perera
    writer, broadcaster and novelist; acting director, One World Media
  • Martyn Perks
    digital business consultant and writer; co-author, Big Potatoes: the London manifesto for innovation
  • David Perks
    founder and principal, East London Science School; director, the Physics Factory
  • Stephen Plaice
    librettist; writer in residence, Guildhall School of Music and Drama
  • Jeannette Pols
    professor of social theory, humanism and materialities, University of Amsterdam
  • Martin Powell
    global head of urban development, Siemens Plc
  • Dr Weronika Priesmeyer-Tkocz
    programme director, European Academy Berlin
  • Vicky Pryce
    board member, Centre for Economics and Business Research; economic advisor, British Chamber of Commerce
  • Dr Vanessa Pupavac
    associate professor; co-director of the Centre for the Study of Social and Global Justice, University of Nottingham

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  • Jamie Ratcliff
    assistant director, Programme, Policy and Services, Greater London Authority
  • Adam Rawcliffe
    partnerships manager, Academy of Ideas
  • Helen Reece
    reader in law, LSE
  • Dr Paul Reeves
    engineering software designer, SolidWorks R&D (part of Dassault Systèmes); convener, manufacturing work group for Big Potatoes: the London manifesto for innovation
  • Abdul Rehman-Malik
    journalist; programmes manager, Radical Middle Way
  • Alex Renton
    award-winning journalist; writer on food and food policy; author, Planet Carnivore: how cheap meat costs the earth
  • Jacob Reynolds
    consultant, SHM Productions
  • Martin Robinson
    educational consultant and teacher; author, Trivium 21c: preparing young people for the future with lessons from the past; writer, Times Educational Supplement
  • Carolyn Robson
    executive headteacher, Rushey Mead School, Leicester; CEO, Rushey Mead Educational Trust
  • Alex Rogers
    professor in conservation biology, Somerville College, University of Oxford; scientific director, International Programme on State of the Ocean (IPSO)
  • Kevin Rooney
    politics teacher and head of social science, Queen's School, Bushey; co-author, Who's Afraid Of The Easter Rising?
  • Nick Rose
    teacher; leading practitioner in psychology and research; shortlisted TES Teacher Blogger of the Year
  • Dr Joel Nathan Rosen
    associate professor of sociology, Moravian College; co-author, Black Baseball, Black Business: race enterprise and the fate of the segregated dollar; author, The Erosion of the American Sporting Ethos: Shifting Attitudes Toward Competition
  • Aoife Rosenmeyer
    freelance critic; contributing editor, Art in America & Art Agenda
  • Nick Ross
    broadcaster; visiting professor, University College London
  • Dr Martin Roth
    director, Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Nathalie Rothschild
    freelance journalist; producer and reporter for Sweden's public service radio
  • Maisie Rowe
    landscape architect, writer and illustrator
  • Phil Rumney
    professor of criminal justice, Bristol Law School, UWE; co-author, Understanding and Responding to Sexual Violence: a multi-disciplinary approach (forthcoming)
  • Dr Tamara Russell
    clinical psychologist; director, Mindfulness Centre of Excellence, London; visiting lecturer, King’s College London
  • Kiernan Ryan
    professor of English language and literature, Royal Holloway, University of London; author, Shakespeare’s Universality: here’s fine revolution

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  • Angela Saini
    science journalist; author, Geek Nation: how Indian science is taking over the world
  • Hilary Salt
    actuary; founder, First Actuarial
  • Yunas Samad
    professor of South Asian studies, University of Bradford
  • Peter Sammonds
    professor of geophysics, University College London; director, UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction
  • Jane Sandeman
    convenor, IoI Parents Forum; contributor, Standing up to Supernanny; director of finance and central services, Cardinal Hume Centre
  • Dr Michael Savage
    blogger, Grumpy Art Historian
  • Dr Helen Scales
    freelance writer and broadcaster; author, Spirals in Time: the secret life and curious afterlife of seashells
  • Professor Giaco Schiesser
    vice-president & board member; University of the Arts, Zurich
  • Jonathan Schofield
    editor-at-large, Manchester Confidential; editor, Manchester Books Limited
  • Bauke Schram
    business reporter, International Business Times UK
  • Dr Patrik Schumacher
    principal, Zaha Hadid Architects; author, The Autopoiesis of Architecture
  • Matthew Scott
    barrister, Pump Court Chambers; blogs at, shortlisted for The Comment Awards "Best independent blog" 2015
  • Laurence Scott
    lecturer in English and creative writing, Arcadia University; author, The Four-Dimensional Human: ways of being in the digital world (winner of Royal Society of Literature Jerwood Award for 2014)
  • Paul Seaman
    co-founder, Zurich Salon; editor, 21st Century PR Issues
  • Professor John Seddon
    leader of the Vanguard organisations; visiting professor, Hull University Business School
  • Fredrik Segerfeldt
    writer; author, Den nya jämlikheten : global utveckling från Robin Hood till Botswana; co-founder, Migro
  • Alka Sehgal Cuthbert
    educator, writer, doctoral researcher
  • Freddie Sehgal Cuthbert
    student; contributor to spiked
  • Adam Seldon
    co-director, Lauriston Lights, an education charity
  • Jack Self
    contributing editor, Architectural Review; director, the REAL Foundation
  • Dr Sadhvi Sharma
    researcher and writer on politics in India, development, and NGO campaigns
  • Karl Sharro
    architect; writer; Middle East commentator; co-author, Manifesto: Towards a New Humanism in Architecture
  • Jeremy Sice
    business and communications advisor, JS&A
  • Roxana Silbert
    artistic director, Birmingham REP Theatre
  • Dr Hayaatun Sillem
    director of programmes & fellowship, Royal Academy of Engineering
  • Lenore Skenazy
    founder of the book, blog and movement Free-Range Kids; “America’s Worst Mom”
  • Alv Skogstad Aamo
    architect; urbanist; partner,DARK architects
  • Jason Smith
    associate fellow, Academy of Ideas
  • Dr Richard Smith
    chair of trustees, ICDDR,B; former editor, British Medical Journal; chair, Patients Know Best
  • Jean Smith
    specialist development consultant; co-founder and director, NY Salon
  • Karel Smouter
    deputy editor, De Correspondent
  • Justin Smyth
    librarian; co-founder, Dublin Salon
  • Christopher Snowdon
    director, lifestyle economics, Institute of Economic Affairs; author, The Art of Suppression
  • Sonia Sodha
    freelance policy analyst; Observer leader writer
  • Dr Nikos Sotirakopoulos
    lecturer in sociology, University of Loughborough; author, The Rise of Lifestyle Activism: From New Left to Occupy
  • Thomas Soud
    chair, Brighton Left
  • Barbara Speed
    staff writer, CityMetric, New Statesman
  • Josh Spero
    editor, Spear's magazine; art critic, Tatler; author, Second-Hand Stories
  • Dr Dominic Standish
    author, Venice in Environmental Peril? Myth and Reality; lecturer, University of Iowa's CIMBA campus, Venice
  • Dr Alex Standish
    senior lecturer in geography education, University College London/Institute of Education
  • Dr Ben Stanley
    lecturer, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, SWPS University in Warsaw
  • Sandy Starr
    communications officer, Progress Educational Trust; webmaster, BioNews
  • Susan Steed
    economist and aspiring stand up comedian
  • Duncan Stephenson
    director of external affairs, Royal Society for Public Health
  • Dr Jack Stilgoe
    senior lecturer in science and technology policy, University College London; author, Experiment Earth: responsible innovation in geoengineering
  • Dr Melvyn Stokes
    professor of film history, University College London; author, The Birth of a Nation: a history of the most controversial motion picture of all time and American History through Hollywood Film: from the Revolution to the 1960s
  • Sarah Strang
    founder, CIVIC ROOM
  • Keith Stuart
    video games editor, Guardian
  • Keith Sullivan
    retired educational psychologist and university professor, National University of Ireland; author, The Anti-Bullying Handbook
  • Gabriella Swallow
    cellist, broadcaster and arts commentator
  • Richard Swan
    writer and academic
  • Isabelle Szmigin
    professor of marketing, University of Birmingham; author, Understanding the Consumer

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  • Amin Taha
    architect, Amin Taha Architects and Group Work; jury member, RIBA’s National Awards and Stirling Shortlist
  • André Tavares
    chief curator, Lisbon Architecture Triennale
  • Dr Mark Taylor
    vice principal, East London Science School; London convenor, IoI Education Forum
  • The Revd Canon Dr Simon Taylor
    canon chancellor; Derby Cathedral
  • Peter Taylor
    award winning reporter, BBC; documentaries include Provos, Loyalists , Brits and Generation Jihad; author, Talking to Terrorists: face to face with the enemy
  • Güneş Taylor
    stem cell researcher, University of Oxford
  • Dr Funda Tekin
    senior researcher, Institut für Europäische Politik
  • Jemima Thackray
    journalist, Telegraph and Church Times; founder, UK’s first mums' chaplaincy service; soon-to-be trainee priest, Church of England
  • Paul Thomas
    civil servant; qualified FE teacher; organiser, Leeds Salon
  • Paul Thomas
    professor of youth & policy and director of research, University of Huddersfield; author, Responding to the Threat of Violent Extremism: failing to prevent
  • Matt Thomson
    head of planning, Campaign to Protect Rural England
  • Leonora Thomson
    director of audiences and development, Barbican Centre
  • Anne Torreggiani
    chief executive, The Audience Agency
  • Lida Tsene
    head of public relations, art and educational programs, Comicdom Press
  • Colin Tweedy
    chief executive, The Building Centre Trust; formerly chief executive, Arts & Business
  • Menelaos Tzafalias
    freelance journalist and producer based in Athens

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  • Jake Unsworth
    trainee solicitor, Bond Dickinson; convenor, Debating Matters Ambassadors

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  • Dr Stuart Waiton
    lecturer in sociology and criminology, Abertay University; author, Snobs' Law: criminalising football fans in an age of intolerance
  • Philip Waldron
    district minister for Merseyside, Unitarian Church
  • Jason Walsh
    journalist; foreign correspondent, CS Monitor
  • Brendan Walsh
    literary editor, The Tablet
  • Philip Walters
    chair, Rising Stars (educational publisher), and the GL Education Group; Spurs season ticket holder; member of Middlesex County Cricket Club
  • Stuart Walton
    cultural historian, novelist and critic; author, A Natural History of Human Emotions and The Realm of the Senses: a materialist theory of seeing and feeling
  • Annie Warburton
    creative director, Crafts Council
  • Bruno Waterfield
    Brussels correspondent, The Times; co-author, No Means No
  • Dr Keon West
    social psychologist & lecturer, Goldsmiths, University of London
  • Helen Whately
    member of parliament for Faversham and Mid Kent
  • Ella Whelan
    assistant editor, spiked
  • Myles Wickstead
    visiting professor (international relations), Open University and King’s College London; coordinator, Aid and Development: a brief introduction
  • Dr Steve Wiggins
    research fellow, Overseas Development Institute, London
  • Simon Wilde
    science and health communicator
  • Dr Joanna Williams
    academic; author, Academic Freedom in an Age of Conformity; education editor, spiked
  • Peter D Williams
    executive officer, Right To Life
  • Dr Glynne Williams
    senior lecturer in industrial relations, University of Leicester
  • Austin Williams
    associate professor in architecture, XJTLU University, Suzhou, China; director, Future Cities Project; convenor, Bookshop Barnies; founding member of New Narratives
  • Jane Wills
    professor of human geography, Queen Mary University of London
  • Ruth Wishart
    columnist, Herald; board member, Creative Scotland
  • David Wood
    chair, London Futurists
  • Chris Woods
    director,; author, Sudden Justice: America’s secret drone wars
  • Peter Worley
    CEO and co-founder, The Philosophy Foundation
  • James Woudhuysen
    visiting professor, London South Bank University
  • Professor Ian Wright
    director, Science and Technology Directorate, National Oceanography Centre
  • Martin Wright
    writer, editor and adviser on environmental solutions and sustainable futures
  • Mike Wright
    executive director, Jaguar Land Rover

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  • Milo Yiannopoulos
    technology editor, Breitbart
  • Dagmawi Yimer
    film-maker, AMM (Archive of Migrants' Memories)
  • Raymond Yiu
    composer; conductor; jazz pianist
  • Cathy Young
    contributing editor, Reason magazine; author, Ceasefire! Why women and men must join forces to achieve true equality
  • Dr Kevin Yuill
    senior lecturer, history, University of Sunderland; author, Assisted Suicide: the liberal, humanist case against legalization
  • Kathryn Yusoff
    senior lecturer in geography, Queen Mary University of London; author, Anthropogenesis: Origins and Endings in the Anthropocene

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  • Jan Zalasiewicz
    professor of paleobiology, University of Leicester; chair, Anthropocene Working Group of the International Commission on Stratigraphy
  • Dr Paul Zanelli
    chief technical officer, Transport Systems Catapult
  • Kolja Zydatiss
    editor, NovoArgumente

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